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Are you looking for a way to remain in the comfort of your home, secure in your retirement plans, and enjoy your financial freedom and peace of mind?

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Reverse Mortgages Only

Catchy name, huh? But it speaks volumes about what we do. Because Reverse Mortgage loans are all that we do,
we are OUTSTANDING in product knowledge and customer care.

Who We Are

We serve…

all of California (our home base is the San Francisco Bay Area)

We understand…

all the loan products, options, and nuances between them.

We make house calls.

We want you to be comfortable and are happy to visit you in your home.

We represent…

multiple lenders and do the shopping for you. We recommend the best loans for your family needs.

We are problem solvers.

Do you have a difficult situation? We’ve probably encountered it before.

We have a reputation for…

uncompromising integrity. We earn your trust because we focus on your interests.

In the News

The newspaper and magazine links below include recent articles “in the news”. But a word of caution… due to complexity of the industry — with both government insured and proprietary Reverse Mortgages, it is not always clear which family of Reverse Mortgages is being addressed. Plus, due to press deadlines, articles are often not quite current. Somewhere between editorial acceptance and publishing, Reverse Mortgage offerings and guidelines can and do change. So these articles are provided as background information and perhaps will trigger a new perspective for you.
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Reverse Mortgages Only Insights

Judy Schwartz has been in the Reverse Mortgage industry for more than 15 years. Along the way, she was a frequent guest contributor to the the San Francisco Examiner newspaper. Below are her thoughts on topics now of interest.
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