I’m here for you!…

Picture of Shannon Jacobs

I’m here to make your journey through the Reverse Mortgage process as easy and as pain-free as possible. Your financial future is a big decision. I’ve been working in customer care my entire life – let me be a friendly face through a complex process.

I wouldn’t be working in the Reverse Mortgage industry if I didn’t believe in the tremendous benefit a Reverse Mortgage can offer aging homeowners. I don’t support products unless I believe in them and I certainly wouldn’t be working in an industry that I didn’t believe in.

If I had known about Reverse Mortgages as my grandparents were aging, they could have remained in the familiar and comforting community they called home for the last 47 years.

I’ll be there to support you, help you, hear you and guide you, as I would have done with my grandparents. I look forward to working with you and being your guiding light.