You bet there are. But not necessarily a loan. But among the questions to consider  1) do you qualify?   2) does the alternative provide what you needed?  3) how does this fit into your overall retirement plan? 4) what are the tax implications of this alternative? (i.e. capital gains upon sale of a home) 5) what do you know about the integrity and stability of the company offering the alternative? Here’s a quick summary.   Note – Websites are very globally written and difficult to discern the difference in product offerings. :
  • Unison HomeOwner – – provides a portion of your home’s equity as a cash advance. You can use the money for up to 30 years1 with no interest charges and no monthly payments of any kind – just a shared portion of your home’s appreciation when you sell.
  • Point – – a similar shared equity product where cash is advanced to you in exchange for shared appreciation when you sell.
  • QuantumRE – – yet another shared equity approach where the owner is \paid for a percentage of ownership, becoming a “partner” and therefore sharing in either the upside or  downside of value.
Products not yet available in California
  • Figure Home Advantage – – is a sale leaseback product, where Figure purchases the home.  Figure grants seller(s) a lease that renews annually. Homeowners then a portion of the proceeds from the sale in one lump sum
  • EasyKnock “Sell and Stay” – –