That depends on what is important to you… Are you looking for someone to…

  • Meet face to face over your kitchen table?
  • Take the time to explain the multiple options in the market place and how each may or may not benefit you?
  • Stick with you through loan close?
  • Address complicated family-specific situations such as complex trusts or complex debt?

Reverse Mortgages Only was founded in 2004 — that’s 15 years’ EXPERTISE! How does EXPERIENCE differ from EXPERTISE? EXPERIENCE can mean doing the same thing again and again with limited diversity in products or problem solving. This may be typical of loan originators who work directly for lenders and hand off the loan to a support team after they win the deal. EXPERTISE is knowing when something different is required – a different type of loan (based upon what is best for the borrower, not greatest income to loan originator), a different lender (who may offer a different view in underwriting and less “overlays”), an advance review, etc. We know how to get loans closed – simply and complicated. We focus on the best interests of the family first.