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Is the Reverse Mortgage market changing?

You bet….. The first Reverse Mortgage was offered in 1964. And in 1989 the government began regulating the industry, offering loans through lenders but insured by FHA. Non-government Reverse Mortgages came into the picture as lenders realized that the government-insured loans did not offer enough money to borrowers in markets with especially high property values such as California. But during the great recession, these “jumbo” aka “proprietary” mortgages went on sabbatical as the government increased lending limits and made their insured loan more beneficial to a broader group of borrowers. Approximately 4 years ago, FHA announced that as Reverse Mortgages were becoming mainstream, they encouraged lenders return to the market to offer jumbo/proprietary loans. Several lender jumped in, other jumped in and then jumped out and today there are a variety or jumbo loans offered by several lenders. Given the high cost of the government insured loans, these proprietary mortgages are capturing more market share, again, especially in areas where home values are high by national standards. And since the re-entry, proprietary loan lenders are listening to the needs of the borrower and adding features to better match the needs.

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