My clients tell me that I turn gobbledygook into “AHA! Now THAT makes sense!!!”

Reverse Mortgages are my specialty – I have both a broad knowledge about the industry as well as very detailed knowledge about the competing lenders. I was a regular contributor to the San Francisco Examiner’s Senior Spotlight section for many years. But what matter’s most is that…


Each client’s need is different. Ralph may be looking for a way to pay for his wife’s nursing home care. Ruth may want to pay off her current mortgage payment to improve her cash flow. And Martha may be looking for a way to help pay for her grandchildren’s college education.

Let me be your guide, your go-to-gal, for all your Reverse Mortgage questions. I focus on education first and always provide straight answers to all of your questions. And because I know the industry and loan choices so well, I can help you decide the best loan for your needs and can coach you how to maximize loan benefits.

My assistant and I are your points of contacts throughout the loan process – from information gathering through loan funding. You will be working with us exclusively, not a clerk-du-jour in the “processing function” thousands of miles away. I choose to take this approach so that you receive the best client care possible and are not confused by other players in the loan process.

Judy Schwartz CalDRE #01761198 NMLS #319524

But hey — it’s also about my furry friends. I’ve been a lifetime lover of all things that go woof or meow. There are 5 furry ones at home — offering night time purrs and humorous moments of muddy footprints in the most unusual places. All are adopted from rescue organization.

For any of my borrowers who choose adopt a new WOOF or MEOW, I will contribute $250 directly to the shelter or organization in support of, or partial payment towards, the adoption of your new furry friend.